A one-day training course 


A day to learn how to give a course

Package included in the training:
1 mix of 45 mn to use for a quarter.
1 video to learn for 1 month
Same-day instruction
The kuduro'fit® basic 1 logos
Your teaching certificate

At the end of the day, you will be able to give a kuduro'fit® course

The training takes place over a day with:

Morning course follow-up

Learning how to build a choreography

The workshops and the passage certifying the afternoon

Kfit Tribe subscription

You can subscribe to kfit tribe with:

- The choreo already tested by Lalao. They are sent every month. Their level increases to allow instructors to know the basics and then to progress further in intensity.

- The musical mixes prepared by Lalao with her DJ

- Communication kit to launch your course

It is open to kuduro'fit® instructors with a minimum experience of 1 year

This training will give you the tools to build your courses with technical variations.

It will allow you to offer a schedule with beginner and intermediate courses.

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